GoatTracker  v.2.71

Generate Commodore 64 music with this tool. GoatTracker is a crossplatform music editor for creating Commodore 64 music. Uses reSID library by Dag Lem and supports alternatively HardSID & CatWeasel devices. V2.

Damn Sampler  v.0.0.1

DamnSampler is an opensource crossplatform audio sampler written using C++, Qt4 Framework and FMOD library. Turns your keyboard into a digital samplerDamn Sampler Features: 1. WAV, MP3 and OGG support (full list of supported formats see at FMOD's


Nootka  v.0.8.1 Beta

Learn musical notes and chords. Nootka is a crossplatform tool for learning classical score notation. Mostly for guitarists but others will have also a lot of fun.Nootka Features: 1. numerous settings to individuate for user needs and abilities 2.

Crochetter  v.0.0.1 Alpha

Free crossplatform software to draw crochet schemes.

QFractals  v.0.1

QFractals is a fractals explorer which using GCC for formulas compilingQFractals Features: 1. good navigation in fractal and color settings 2. no menus - all controls on screen 3. multithreading 4. formulas compiles with GCC 5. crossplatform 6.

Cahoots  v.1.0.0 Beta

Collaborative Open Source Crossplatform Text Editor. This repository is for Cahoots, the senior project for Pepperdine University's Computer Science class of 2010. It is currently in beta.Cahoots Features: 1. Collaborative editing for documents 2.

SatViewer  v.201

Crossplatform satellite tracking system, SatViewer is a satellite tracking system to help you with your work.

TattvaListing  v.1.1

TattvaListing is very simple open source crossplatform console application, which calculates and printes in console beggining time of each astrologic 24-minute Tattva (Tatva or Tatwa) period during day. User needs to enter sunrise time.

DayNote  v.1.5

Reminder utility. One click actions for late remind. Easy to use, multilanguage, crossplatform. Organize your work with reminders. DayNote is an easy-to-use reminder tool. One click actions for late remind. Easy to use, multilanguage,

Translate Cards  v.1.0

Translate Cards is a vocabulary learning tool. Translate Cards help extend your vocabulary. He show series pair word-translate and you try remember this translate.Translate Cards Features: 1. Crossplatform (write in java) 2. Simple in and eLawManager  v.1.0

This is a crossplatform java suite, for workflow and data management of Law Firms.

M31 - The Awakening  v.0.1.0

Should have been a 3D real-time crossplatform game.

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